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Dear colleagues, delegates and guests of honour,

on behalf of the scientific committee, I welcome all our delegates who are

attending the 21st Annual Conference of the Arab Medical Union in Europe in

Istanbul. It is a great pleasure for us to have invited you to attend and

contribute to our scientific symposiums this year. We all at ARABMED are

honoured to see this year’s conference being conducted under the patronage

of Prof. Dr. Hussein Al Gezairy, Regional Director of the World Health

Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean.

Our aim is to facilitate knowledge and communication across specialties and

among concerned professionals or scholars who have a scientific interest in

medical research and allied fields.

Delegates representing 10 countries are expected to attend this year

conference. They come from the Arab World, Europe and beyond. Keynote

speakers and over 44 research papers will be discussed. This year, our

programme will focus on geriatrics medicin. However, we are expecting

delegates with a wider range of expertise and with all aspects of medical and

health sciences.

We will do our utmost to communicate the main recommendations of this

conference to you in the forthcoming issue of the ARABMED journal.

I am extremely grateful to all of those who have supported our efforts, assisted

us and worked very hard to make this conference possible and successful. For

the future of these scientific gatherings and meetings, we hope you continue

supporting us. I also want to thank the host country, Turkey, which has always

served as a bridge between Orient and Occident thus making it the perfect

location of our annual meeting.

In addition, I express my deepest gratitude towards the WHO’s Regional Office

for the Eastern Mediterranean which enabled us to invite so many colleagues

from Iraq. I honestly hope that this step will bring us closer to each other and

help to rebuild a new Iraq.

Finally, I would like to use this opportunity to thank you all very much for

attending the conference and to wish you an enjoyable stay in Istanbul.


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