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Initiatives taken by the organization in support of the Millennium Development Goals

Many of the activities of ARABMED listed above (see Aims and Purposes) are in direct support of health-related Millenium Development Goals, in particular in reducing child mortality and improving maternal health. In addition, ARABMED has taken the following complementary initiatives.

1. Contribute to the establishment of modern universities in the Arab world with reference to the European university system

The objective is to create a new generation of universities that serve and manage the patient in the best possible way by applying latest medical knowledge and state-of-the-art techniques in combination with modern management.

A concrete example is the establishment of the Al-Andalus University for Medical Sciences in Syria in 2006, which has faculties of medicine, dentistry, biomedical engineering, management and hospital pharmacy. The implementation on the ground works in the following way.

- Provide assistance, expertise and support to institutions to encourage the process of scientific research;

- Prepare of specialists in various branches of science and medical services, support and rehabilitation to provide them with a high level of knowledge and skills;

- Provide the possibility to follow a rigorous course of study at home without the need to travel abroad;

- Re-integrate Arab doctors and scientists from abroad to serve their country and secure employment opportunities for them;

- Promote and conduct health-related scientific research that contributes to the scientific and technical progress;

- Contribute to life-long education;

- Raise student's personality and passion for scientific development;

- Promote cultural, artistic, and social activities as well as sports;

- Install cultural and scientific links with universities and scientific bodies.

- Achieve the highest level of interaction between the university and society and the private sector with its institutions of economic, social and service sectors.

- Select distinguished students with high ambitions and strengthen the student-teacher link and provide scientific references;

- Provide possibilities for exchange of information and follow-up research.

- Involve teaching staff and expertise from foreign universities including other Arab countries;

2.Help doctors wishing to specialize in medical institutions in European

ARABMED provides Arab doctors with information and assistance to travel to Europe for medical specialization. It supports interested individuals with registration requirements, visa applications and offers some conditional grants to facilitate the start abroad. During the past four years, six scholarships have been granted.

3. The establishment of a special award for medical research

The goal of this award is to encourage scientific research and publication in Arabic. It also aims to encourage the use of the Arabic language as language of instruction in medical sciences in addition to other languages, This award is given to the best research or lecture or a medical essay published by an ARABMED member during the past year