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In general, the most important aims and purposes of ARABMED are (i) to maintain and expand a network of ARABMED members with the Arab world, so that members can act as a bridge of cooperation, (ii) to improve health outcomes in the Arab world through transferring knowledge and expertise from Arab doctors in Europe and European scientists to the Arab world, (iii) encourage scientific research, education, and free critical thinking as well as creativity in medical sciences through an exchange between Arab doctors working in Europe and Arab countries, (iv) build relationships in the medical field and ultimately improve health care delivery and health outcomes in Arab and developing countries. These aims and purposes are primarily pursued by conducting annual conferences and workshops as well as special scientific seminars to respond to emerging and unexpected events.

More specifically, the aims of ARABMED are as follows:

Professional and educational aims

  1. Collect the largest possible number of Arab doctors and medical staff of all Arab nationals living in Europe under the association of ARABMED;
  2. Disseminate research results and studies of Arab doctors in Europe to the international community and highlight the role of Arab doctors and their effective medical and scientific development in Europe;
  3. Promote cooperation and friendship between Arab Doctors in Europe and medical academics and scientific centres in European and Arab countries;
  4. Contribute to the development of medical societies in the Arab world and help them to advance in the medical or health-related research;
  5. To promote ARABMED’s relationships with the Arab world and other Arab medical associations;
  6. To enhance the medical knowledge of ARABMED members by supporting continuous medical education and research;
  7. To promote professional relationships among members and organizations of the medical profession in Europe and the Arab world;
  8. To create friendly relationships among healthcare professionals who share a common background and who wish to perpetuate pride of heritage.

Charitable and humanitarian aims

Provide medical assistance to people during and after wars or violent conflicts: In recent years, ARABMED has provided assistance to the people of Bosnia, Kosovo, West Bank and Gaza Strip, Iraq, Somalia. ARABMED has also supported people in the Arab spring in 2011. ARABMED has participated in many demonstrations for peaceful and democratic reform in many European capitals and sent medical equipment to Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria.

ARABMED helps in the following ways:

  1. Collect medicines and medical devices and sent them to the needy/affected areas;
  2. Publicly claim the rights of oppressed peoples and the defense of human rights. ARABMED participated in peaceful demonstrations together with several international organizations in many cities throughout the world to break the siege on the Palestinian people and stop the war on Iraq and stop the violence of several Arab governments against their own citizens during the Arab spring;
  3. Distribute monetary and in-kind donations to those in need in the Arab world;
  4. Treat patients with injuries or severe illness in European hospitals;
  5. Support professional and educational activities aimed at health education and disease prevention in cooperation with community-based organizations;
  6. Provide and help coordinate routine and emergency medical care to those in need in the Arab world;
  7. Provide assistance and serve as an educational resource for medical students and healthcare-related post-graduate trainees of Arabic descent;
  8. Sponsor speakers, grants, textbooks and other learning materials for medical schools in the Arab world.

Cultural aims

  1. Create activities and programs for ARABMED’s members and their families, in particular the youth, that highlight their shared Arabic heritage and foster community spirit;
  2. To encourage and promote role models within the healthcare profession who inspire and guide ARABMED’s youth.