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The Arab Medical Union in Europe (ARABMED; Union Arabischer Mediziner in German) is an association of Arab doctors who live in various European countries. ARABMED, established and registered in Germany in 1983, is a non-profit organization that serves public purposes and focuses on medical, cultural and social activities and exchange. As an independent relief, it is not subject to the influence of governments or religious authorities. It has an elected administrative body composed by a President and Vice President. The last election took place in October 2011. It has been member of the NGOs at the United Nations with medical and social consultative status at the Economic and Social Council since 1996.


Members and several specialized committees meet regularly and have contacts to more than two thousand doctors in Europe. All ARABMED members including the administrative body are volunteers and do not receive any payments from ARABMED. Funding for activities comes from annual member fees and donations. ARABMED is headquartered in Germany and has branches in Ireland, Austria, France, Poland, the Gulf States and Jordan. The ARABMED National Office is committed to aiding the establishment of chapters in various states. The chapters must subscribe to the highest ethical standards and principles advocated by ARABMED and those in the medical profession.

In addition to educational, cultural and charitable events organized by the individual chapters, ARABMED sponsors national and international medical conventions every year. International conventions have been held in, various European countries, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey in cooperation with local health officials and medical institutions. National conventions have been held in a variety of cities in Germany and Europe. The conventions feature a unique blend of educational, cultural, social and humanitarian activities.

ARABMED produces two digital publications, the Medical Journal and the ARABMED E-News. The Medical Journal covers a broad range of association events and educational and cultural topics in English and Arabic. ARABMED E-News, is a newsletter focusing on association news and members.

ARABMED’s website can be accessed at www.arabmed.de. ARABMED is legally registered in the city of Erlangen, Germany

Since its inception, ARABMED has lived up to most of its objectives and has become a prominent player in European and Arab countries. Recently, new branches were established in Ireland (2009) and Jordan (2011). Since 1984, the association has been holding annual conferences in several European and Arab countries with the last conference (28th conference) held in Paris in 2012. These conferences represent the continued joint efforts of Arab doctors in Europe to improve the scientific and intellectual interaction between Arab doctors in the diaspora and their home countries. Over time, these medical conferences have steadily improved their academic quality and attracted more and more participants. During recent years, ARABMED’s conferences have seen the attendance of several thousand medical specialists from various European and Arab countries.