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Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues,

The 33rd ARABMED Annual meeting and the 9th International Medical Conference on "Advances in Cancer Medicine" will be held on May 27-28, 2023, at the GRAND CEVAHIR HOTEL&CONVENTION CENTER in Istanbul, in cooperation with several medical institutes and regional associations.

Cancer is still a dreaded disease that preoccupies most people and raises concerns about contracting it. That is why we have decided to make cancer management the theme of this conference. An important task of cancer research is to identify cancer triggers and ways to prevent it. We will discuss questions such as what makes one person sick and another healthy, and what are the benefits of a certain lifestyle. Through this two-day conference, we aim to review research and discuss new issues in cancer management.

Half a million people are diagnosed with cancer in Germany every year, which is an enormous number of patients in need of treatment.

The success of cancer therapy, which typically involves multiple treatment steps, also depends on the quality of the interface processes that result. Rapid transfer of proven medical innovations from research to healthcare is essential for oncological progress. Interfaces are important in various areas of oncology, such as when representatives of different medical disciplines and health professions discuss a case together in the tumor board, when patients transition between the inpatient and outpatient sectors, or during doctor-patient discussions. Human-machine interaction will also play an increasingly important role in the future. Dealing with interfaces is therefore a particularly relevant topic in oncology, and I am pleased that the ARABMED Cancer Congress 2023 will be addressing this issue.

ARABMED thrives on its interdisciplinary orientation, which sets it apart. As the organizer of this meeting, I am highly motivated by the exchange of ideas with other medical disciplines, institutes, representatives from research and politics, and those affected. On behalf of ARABMED in Europe, I cordially invite you all, especially young researchers, our colleagues of tomorrow, to actively participate in the 33rd Arabmed Congress 2023 in Istanbul. Be there, exchange ideas, expand your knowledge and possibilities with a view to the future, for the benefit of our patients of today and tomorrow.

The strong intention of our colleagues from Turkey is much appreciated, as the success of this event is only feasible through the great help and support of our colleagues contributing their attendance and elite scientific presentations.

We were all affected by the catastrophe of the earthquake that caused losses and injuries in Turkey and northern Syria on February 6. The damage, victims, injuries, displacement, loss, and horror caused by the earthquake were not evaluated enough. As a result, the organizational committee of the conference decided to allocate a special session on the earthquake in the conference to hear reports, experiences, and relief actions from many of you who lived through it in both Turkey and Syria.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the participants who have submitted their work from all countries, the organizing committee team who are behind the success of this scientific gathering, and all the speakers and members of the scientific and organizing committee for their endless and dedicated efforts.

I hope that our scientific program meets your expectations. We look forward to a stimulating meeting, and once again, I warmly welcome all of you to Istanbul

Dr Faidi Omar Mahmoud

President of ARABMED in Europe and Conference

The ARABMED 2023 program can be found in detail in the accompanying file on the following pages.