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click here to Download this FileDear colleagues,

On behalf of the the organizing committee, we have the privilege of inviting you to the 29th annual conference of the Arab medical doctors in Europe to be held in Berlin, Germany (4-6 October 2013).The conference will serve as an occasion to get to know your

fellow Arab doctors both from the Arab countries as well as in Europe and the U.S.A and get acquainted with the latest scientific and medical developments. The major theme of the conference is:


Rehabiltitation Medicine, Reconstruction Surgery Gastroentrology and Heart Diseases, Metabolic disease and Ophthalmology Roles of Arab Migrant Health Professionals in reinforcing the health sectors in the Arab States Determinants and Impact of Arab Health Professionals’ Migration and the Potential for their Participation in Health Sectors What can recommend the Arab medical Union in Europe to the health sector in the Arab countries in the short and medium term to take advantage of the Medical expatriates and to reduce the brain drain?There are also other themes as contained in the attached registration form. Further details on the scientific and social events will be sent to you in end July 2013.The deadline for synopses is the 30th of Juli 2013.Please register as early as possible. More information on hotel prices will be forthcoming .You is kindly requested to do the reservation by your self. If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you very much


Dr. Faidi Omar Mahmoud

President of ARABMED in Europe

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